Lookout 2009, here I come!!!!!!!

2009 started in the crowded bar where I work with a countdown from our DJ followed by a deafening roar from the guests who raised tiny Champaign glasses we passed out for free in a toast to the new year. I raised a glass of cranberry juice and sprite along with my fellow bartenders and for a second, the loud guests, the drinks I needed to finish mixing and the million and one other things that needed doing seemed far away. 

      I stared at the sparkling red juice in my glass and wondered what my New Year's resolutions should be. 2008 was a year of beginnings for me. First job in a bar, daughter's first day of school, the arrival of two precious doggies who helped ease the pain in our hearts from the loss of our beloved Hoss and the terrifying leap into my thirties.  All in all, 2008 was a wonderful year, a happy, scary, new and terrifying year, but wonderful all the same and I felt tremendously grateful to have lived it.  I wondered what 2009 would bring, but then my surroundings overpowered that brief moment of magical solitude I'd been granted and there wasn't time to contemplate anymore.

 So, I lowered my glass and drank a toast to the unknown.  A guest slapped the bar, laughed too loudly and announced that he was going to quit smoking tomorrow, or right after hell froze over, then motioned to me and asked where his next drink was. I set my half filled juice glass on the counter and turned to make his drink. I watched the ice in his glass shiver as I poured liquor over it and paused for a second because  suddenly, I knew what my New Year's resolution was.  

 2009 would not happen to me. I was no helpless piece of ice waiting to be melted or used in whatever manner fate chose.  Instead, I was going to happen to 2009! I set the guest's drink in front of him and smiled. "Happy New Year!" I said.

           He returned my smile with a grin and raised his glass to me. I snatched up my juice glass and raised it in return. Then, I drank a toast to positive energy, personal choices, decisive action and to what is.  I am 30, I am a mother, a bartender, a wife and a lover of life. I choose where I go from here and what I become and so I know that 2009 will be the best year ever because I will make it so!!!!!

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Halloween and camel biting pony's ass.

OMG Halloween this year RAWKED!!!!!

 Daphne chose Daddy’s costume and hers, so I decided to be a gypsy pirate too. Course after John hollered “aaaaargh me wench” for the hundredth time that evening, I’d begun to reconsider the wisdom of that choice.

 I volunteered at Daphne’s school for the Halloween party from 8-12am  then hurried home to get us both ready for trick-or-treating with friends that evening after which I had to scurry away to the bar and work till 2 am. So, by Saturday, I was beyond exhausted, but it was so worth it!!!!!

Going to share some pictures before I must go get ready for work. It’s just me behind the bar tonight and I love those nights.

Yes....it's a wig;-)

My crazy hubby.

Our little fam:-)

Performing my wenchly duties....

At work later that night with friends

Ditto work friends yada...yada....

Camel biting pony's ass!!!! This happened at Boo at the Zoo just before Halloween. This camel kept biting this pony and at first, I felt sorry for it, but then realized that it could escape at any time, but instead, it just stood there waiting to be bitten and then trying to kick the camel in the face. Clearly, the pony felt a few bites to the ass were small potatoes and was willing to do whatever it took to kick that camel in the face. Maybe he's got a bucket list????

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Guess who won Employee of the month at the Fox and Hound last night?????
That’s right! The girl who had never so much as tasted liquor, never waited on a table and never spent any time in a bar at all before the day she was hired at Fox and Hound a couple months ago. That girl didn’t know the difference between Coors Light and Guinness and thought “ shot” was a sports term. So, now one wonders what sort of competition that girl might have had LOL! Anyway, I’m so very tired, but so happy because it’s very nice to receive recognition for your efforts. You know?  Plus….I’m much more confident as a cocktail waitress now and I gotta admit, I really do enjoy it most of the time!
“Finding Thirty” is shaping up nicely too, despite the lack of time I’ve had to write lately. I’ve got so much material right now though it’s ridiculous!
Now, I’m going to try to relax with daughter a bit. I’ve been up since yesterday morning and I’m so tired right now it seems that no amount of coffee will wake me all the way up.
More later and I appreciate you guys so much!
Your comments on my last two posts are priceless to me and I’ve got to find the time to respond to them the way I used to because I'm so greatful to all of you.
::::tired hugs::::

Strawberry's Birthday!

Doggy cake and party treats, people cake and candles. Yummy!

Daphne and her best friend offer Strawberry his cake. Problem is, he's been trained not to jump up on the table!

Gideon sneaks a lick of cake before I can snatch it away and cut it. Poor fella had to be on a leash because he didn't understand why Strawberry was getting all the attention.

Yea, the doggy cake was a hit!

Here we are singing. Strawberry doesn't appreciate the fact that his candle is in the people cake though. Poor fella!

Playing soccer with a guest.

Gideon's trying to guilt me into letting him play too. Look at that face!

We had a wonderful time even though Strawberry's other doggy friends couldn't come due to a last minute change in the party time because Daphne was invited to another birthday party held at the time we'd originally planned Strawberry's. She didn't want to change his to a different day though, so we celebrated late with her best friend and then made little party packs for all the other dogs. We're going to deliver them today. 

Been a very busy and eventfull week...I'll share more about that in a locked post soon:-).

Happy Monday everyone!!!!!!


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  Poor Strawberry is forever doomed to be the pretty one I fear......

He doesn't seem to mind though.

Daphne posing with her "decorated" doggy

Gideon trying not to be left out

And succeeding.....

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Long Overdue Puppy Pictures

You want me to get up?


Yea whatever. 

Gideon is 3 1/2 months old now, his ears are standing beautifully and he's at a healthy 28lb. We call him "Big G" and it fits. He's already made it very clear that he does not feel strangers should be on our property, but when we invite them in through the gate despite his disaproval, he gives them a sniff and walks away.

He loves to snuggle, never jumps up on us and has never once disobeyed a direct command he understands. He's perfect. Absolutely perfect and I adore him!
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Happy Mother's Day!

I woke up this morning to a beautiful vase of roses and two grinning faces. Then, my baby girl and my husband escorted me out to the living room where I sat down and watched a Mother’s Day DVD they’d made for me last week. In it, he played the guitar while she danced and sang a Mother’s Day Ballad she’d written just for me.
“I love you more than any mother,” she sang into the camera. “ You’re the best mother I’ve ever saw and when I look at you it makes me smile because you make me happy.”
I cried.
Then she stopped dancing and singing, looked into the camera and said “I love you with a love so big, it’s like a little love twig.”
I have the most beautiful, fantastic, funny four-year-old ever and the most wonderful unselfish husband ever. I am so grateful!
Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Quick Update on Where Rhona's Been

I’ve been very sick for the last few days, hence my inability to answer all your encouraging comments on my last post. I had Strep and another viral bug at the same time. This is the second battle I’ve had this year with the same stupid combination from hell and I’m never going to catch it again!!!!!
Anyway, I’m much better today which is a good thing since I work all night tonight and a double tomorrow. I’ll have time to sit down and respond to your comments on Sunday though, and I’m looking forward to it.
Now, I must hurry away to find a grass skirt and coconut bra since  we are going all Hawaii and stuff at work. I’ll try to get some pictures for you guys.
More later….
:::hugs everyone:::::
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Puppy Pictures

Gideon is 11 weeks old now and growing like a fungus. Possibly faster even. He's also become my baby. He'll come running when I call him, skid to a stop, sit, gobble up his treat and then gallop away like a dizzy Clydesdale. It's possibly the most endearing thing ever and I adore him!

I'm too sexy for this llama
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