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Good News and Wedgie Warnings

One of the agents with a partial of THE TURNED ONES just requested the full manuscript this morning and said the following about the partial….
“I was totally sucked in by the first 60 pages and nearly missed my subway stop this evening. Good job!”

Do you know how happy those words made me?
Of course you do! 

I am DYING of joy right now. DYING!
I don’t care what happens, I’ll never forget the warm fuzzy feeling this agent’s words gave me first thing this morning and that is wonderful.
Work at Fox and Hound was crazy last night and I didn’t get home till after 1:00pm. We are driving upstate today to pick up our new puppy, (pictures to follow soon) and I work all weekend, but I will make time to catch up on all your posts.

Happy Easter Early Everybody!
If any of you should ever find that a pair of underwear is really not underwear at all, but a permanent wedgie instead, I would advise you to throw it away immediately instead of saving it, thinking you will remember not to wear it ever again. Because you might forget and end up running hither and yon through a crowded bar for hours with the worst wedgie in wedgie history and you might rue the day you laid eyes on that pair of pretty Christmas underwear!


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That's what you get for wearing Christmas underwear in March... hehe ;-)

Great news! Good that they didn't miss their stop though... hehe

Hope all goes well with the new pup... I'm looking forward to the pics. :-)

Happy Easter!
LOL...thank you babe! I'll post pictures soon.
I got the warm fuzzie's when I read about the agent. Way to go! Sounds like you're on your way!
I hope so and thanks girl:-)
I agree girl and thank you for everything:-)

In fact, treble wows! I'm so pleased for you, lovely, and for your potential agent and your new puppy and your wedgie relief! :)
LOL...thank you Darlin:-)
It's been a long time since a book has caused me to miss a subway stop. Could your book be the next one that does that to me?
Oh I hope so!

Thank you Tommy:-)
Coming from an agent, that has to be the best compliment EVER!

You go, girl!

(And ditch the pretty wedgie-wear).

Congrats on the new puppy. I know that he/she is going to be perfect for your family!
Thank you so much Mammasue.

It is the best compliment ever and the puppy is wonderful and he's even got blue eyes!

More to come.....and I love you!
That's the best news I've heard in weeks, m'dear!

Congrats xo
Thank you babe!
LOL>...thank you girl;-)
Good luck. Hope the agent takes you on. :-)
Yea me too. I'd be very very fortunate indeed.

Thank you Steven!

Thank you Darlin:-)
RHONA! YAY!!!!!!!!! That is such an amazing comment. (about the book. not the wedgie)

Good luck! I'm totally rooting for you!

I'm rooting for the wedgie however, in the meantime I want to know what Rhona is doing posting here when she has a full to submit?
LOL, sorry about the underwear! You're awesome, Rhona. And huge congrats on the full!! Sounds like some great feedback!! Good luck with the agent!! Can't wait to see the new puppy!!
You're awesome too Music and I haven't had time to read posts yet, but I hope when I do, I see pictures of your baby!
LOL about the wedgie -- and serious YAY for the agent's words (and your wonderful writing)!! :D
awwww thank you Robin!
Congratulations to you! I hope that agent takes you on. They really want to be captivated, and it sounds like you made it. :)

Oh I hope so. I know you are in the same boat with me on this search and we are gonna make it girl. I know it!
awesomeness, re: the first 60 pages! YAY!!! YAY!! YAY!!!
Preach it sista!!!!!!
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