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Quick Update on Where Rhona's Been

I’ve been very sick for the last few days, hence my inability to answer all your encouraging comments on my last post. I had Strep and another viral bug at the same time. This is the second battle I’ve had this year with the same stupid combination from hell and I’m never going to catch it again!!!!!
Anyway, I’m much better today which is a good thing since I work all night tonight and a double tomorrow. I’ll have time to sit down and respond to your comments on Sunday though, and I’m looking forward to it.
Now, I must hurry away to find a grass skirt and coconut bra since  we are going all Hawaii and stuff at work. I’ll try to get some pictures for you guys.
More later….
:::hugs everyone:::::


I can't WAIT to see this one...
Heehee... you cut a coconut in half, clean it out, string it with straw rope and make a bra out of the two halves... or you buy the plastic ones from a party store.

have i taught you nothing about hawai'i. ::::sobs:::

i'll be over here. :D
I'm so glad you're feeling better, I was wondering about you! Stay well.

Good think you can find grass skirts and coconut bras stacked everywhere on the shelves--oh, wait, hold on a minute! Where *is* the grass skirt and coconut bra store? *g*
I guess that's better than a grass bra and coconut skirt.

Glad you're feeling better!
LOL@ your luau. Glad you're feeling better, babe.


We need to get you on the Dr. Schulze program of detoxification and immune system health building.

Hope you feel better soon and have a fun time in Hawaii.
I've been taking a bit of an LJ break the last couple of days, but glad I caught you today. :)

Poor Rhona! I hope you feel better soon. *hugs* Please don't overdo it dancing in your grass skirt tonight. Hee! I wanna see photos of your coconut bra... *tries to imagine it*
I am glad to hear you are feeling better!
Oh, the people who actually are from Hawai'i on your flist are going to be rolling their eyes at you.

Reece is cooking pig!

I am so sorry to hear you have been sick again! And if it's flu, you surely didn't take off work very long, at all. I bet you are still sick, aren't you?

Take care of you, Rhona. You are one special person.
...what holiday is it this weekend that requires a grass skirt?

Get better! You've been missed. :)
Aloha! Glad you're feeling better.
Glad you're feeling better!! Getting sick is the worst, especially if you had it before! Have fun at work!! Can't wait to see the pictures!!
Totally can't wait for the pics. :P

always nice to see you in LJ land!

glad you're feeling better:)


Sounds like you are getting mono, 'cos I had that combination in the run-up! Wait, we didn't actually talk at WFC, did we?!? Maybe I gave it to you then :p

it does and thanks for the reminder.

Nice to meet you here and I hope you don't mind if I friend you cuz I already did:-)
I hope you don't mind my friending your livejournal. Somehow, I always seem to stumble over it and every time I do I always notice how positive you seem not only about your writing but about life in general. So I'm adding you to my list of people to read about :)

Anyway, I hope you feel better!

Hope you feel better soon!!