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  Poor Strawberry is forever doomed to be the pretty one I fear......

He doesn't seem to mind though.

Daphne posing with her "decorated" doggy

Gideon trying not to be left out

And succeeding.....

This weekend we celebrate Daphne’s fifth birthday followed closely by Strawberry’s first. The two of them are inseparable and I’m forever glad we gave them to each other when we did. He’s perfect for her, just as Gideon is perfect for me. We have the two best dogs eva!
Also the naughtiest it seems.

What? I have not been doing anything naughty, I swear!

Yea, well, I didn't know you knew and besides, I like clean clothes just as much as the next kid.

And cookies. Love cookies. 

Anyway, Daphne has decided to have four cakes this year (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and one three layered) and because I’m letting her plan and participate in her party as much as possible, I fear we will be baking and frosting cakes all weekend. Fortunately, she’s invited a lot of friends who like cake!
She’d also decided to have a piñata, but after choosing a pretty unicorn, she fell in love with it and couldn’t bear the thought of hacking it up for candy. So, we’ll be giving the candy away in pretty pink bags instead. I asked her if we could please give the boys blue bags, but she declined saying they were attending a girl’s party, so they would expect pink bags. Apparently, moms don't understand this sort of thing.

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