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Daphne's Five!

I present to you Daphne Lynn Westbrook, now FIVE whole years old!

You'd be suprised how long I searched for the cell phone you see sticking out of my back pocket there. Let me just say it's a good thing we arrived early to decorate! Daphne requested pink, lots and lots of pink so that's what we did. By the time she arrived, it looked like someone had vomited Pepto Bysmal everywhere and she loved it. Perfection!

Daphne's face when she saw the decorated pavilion. Made it all worth it and then some!

Yea, think we have enough cake? ....and yes, I do love pizza......

Here, some of the girls have decided that they will each eat one entire cake. I laughed so hard because they were so very serious!

Birthday wish and candles for cake 1.....

cake 2.....

Cake 3.....

And the grand finalle.

Daphne decided we could have a pinata if we found an ugly one. Apparently, she doesn't think much of Poo!

Our little girl is five. Can' you believe it? I can't.

You can't see the rain, but it's pouring and Daphne's singing. She paused right after this picture though and said "Mommy, this is the best birthday I ever had!" and I melted.

How lucky am I?


Thanks to everyone who took time to chat with me in the locked post....I'll be getting back to you guys soon as I have a chance. I appreciate all of you so much!
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