Rhona (rhonawestbrook) wrote,


Guess who won Employee of the month at the Fox and Hound last night?????
That’s right! The girl who had never so much as tasted liquor, never waited on a table and never spent any time in a bar at all before the day she was hired at Fox and Hound a couple months ago. That girl didn’t know the difference between Coors Light and Guinness and thought “ shot” was a sports term. So, now one wonders what sort of competition that girl might have had LOL! Anyway, I’m so very tired, but so happy because it’s very nice to receive recognition for your efforts. You know?  Plus….I’m much more confident as a cocktail waitress now and I gotta admit, I really do enjoy it most of the time!
“Finding Thirty” is shaping up nicely too, despite the lack of time I’ve had to write lately. I’ve got so much material right now though it’s ridiculous!
Now, I’m going to try to relax with daughter a bit. I’ve been up since yesterday morning and I’m so tired right now it seems that no amount of coffee will wake me all the way up.
More later and I appreciate you guys so much!
Your comments on my last two posts are priceless to me and I’ve got to find the time to respond to them the way I used to because I'm so greatful to all of you.
::::tired hugs::::
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