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Fox & Hound, here I come!

So, last night I fell in love with this school only to find out this morning that they charge 9,000$ a year! Unfortunately, hubby and I still owe the government more than that in back taxes, but we both know this is the very best place for our baby girl to learn and grow. So, we are going to make it happen come hell, creditors or extra part-time jobs!
Since I haven’t sold a novel yet, there are no lucrative DJ gigs on the horizon and I am one job short, I set up an interview for myself tonight at a nice sports bar called Fox and Hound. I’ve wanted to try my hand as a waitress anyway and I figure now’s as good a time as any! I can work nights and weekends while hubby is home with Daphne and I should be able to make a lot more there than I was making at JCPenney.
Plus, I think this will be fun and I know it will give me more material for my fiction. So, I’m happy despite my silly friends who can’t believe I’d chose to do this over writing copy. Thing is, writing copy chokes my fiction so for me, that option is moot. I AM going to become a successful novelist and working a lower class job to make the $$$ I need in the meantime is small potatoes compared to giving up my dreams in order to make more $$$ doing something I hate.

What about you?
What are your dreams?
What are you doing now to make those dreams a reality?
How do you feel about the process?
“It is never too late to set another goal, or to dream a new dream.” --C.S. Lewis
“The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you.”—Tom Bradley


I salute you, Rhona. You and your husband - you guys are brilliant the way you work together to build a life for yourselves and Daphne.

Good luck at the interview! You'll do great - how could they not love you?

And I totally agree with you about working a job that allows you the 'brain space' to write fiction too. I have to do the same, that's why I've taken the teaching assistant job. We can do it!!!! :)
Gee! That's some persickity club you two have. No! No. I don't want in. Don't even ask. You two just... you know... do your little thing.

Hey! There's a Fox and Hound not far from my house. I've never been in there, too many shootings. ;-)

Actually, I've heard it's a nice, calm, classy kind of sports bar. 'Cept for when there's shootings. ;-)

Yur funny;-)

Yea, I found the opening on Craig's list and since we've been once and I liked it there, I figure why not try, you know?

I'll let you guys know how it goes. I think it will be fun even if I do have to string customers up by their heels and shake extra tips out of their pockets.
I dream of becoming a IBCLC (internationally board certified lactation consultant). It will take me 500-1000 hours of internship, taking some continuing education classes, and taking a big exam. I will end up working for free for my hospital and some other yet to be named sites. Once I have the IBCLC, I want to work one day a week at my hospital as a lactation consultant, and volunteer with battered women's shelters and homeless shelters to support breastfeeding.
Well I think that is one of the most beautiful, giving dreams I've ever heard.

I hope you can figure out how to make it happen girl.

Hi Rhona. I just added you as a friend because you are on many of my friends' lists and whenever I click over I'm inspired by what you have to say about writing and your process. :) Good luck with the job interview!

I am so flattered to have your company here girl and I promise it has NOTHING to do with the fact that you are in the chocolate pretzel buiz...

::: has shifty eyes:::

Seriously though, ever so nice to 'meet' you here and I look forward to reading your posts!
Don't expect being a "successful" novelist to raise much money either.. hee!

:::head swivels around 190 degrees:::


LOL, yea, I know, not at first, but I figure if I can manage to make every novel a little better and add even just one more fan each year, I ought to be able to make more and more over time. You know?

If that doesn't work, I know people in the mafia and I will blackmail them!


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“The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you."

I KNEW it was him all the time! Stupid dream-stopper. I'm gonna smash that dumb guy!
What about you? What are your dreams? What are you doing now to make those dreams a reality? How do you feel about the process?

Well, my dreams have changed so drastically over the past decade and a half, that I'm not really all that sure, anymore.

Right now, I'd really like to continue in this job - but with benefits. I like what I'm doing, and I like the people with whom I work. And goodness, if it doesn't provide me with enough fodder to write a novel (or two or three!)

On the subject of writing, I've got the wee baby scribblings of three main stories - all in totally different settings, and in completely different genres. One is something I came up with during my attempt to do nanowrimo, another is something inspired by some of my geekitude, and the third is (as I put in a recent post,) something that's been rattling around in my brain for the better part of the past 10 or 15 years, but only just now reached the percolation point and demanded to be written down.

I think my ultimate dream would be to somehow pull off a writing career, while continuing to do this job. Maybe, when I'm ready to move on, a better job in the same field, but I'm just not ready to physically move.

(I love where I live, and despite the fact that many of my friends have moved away for jobs - a hazard when one lives in a university town... I just joined a bellydance troupe, and I have a boyfriend who lives within a 60-mile radius. (; )

I'd like for the Powers That Be deciding to give me normal pay and benefits thing to come sooner rather than later-if-at-all... but for the first time in awhile, I'm satisfied with where I'm at.
but for the first time in awhile, I'm satisfied with where I'm at.

THAT is friggen wonderful IMO. It really is!
...for a moment there I was really excited, because there's a Fox and Hounds pub in my hometown. Then I realized you didn't have an 's' so you weren't moving to Canada to work in the Fox and Hounds and we could maybe work together. XD

Remember, tips are the key, and good luck!

I think that would be SO much fun!

We could totally bounce novel premise ideas off of each other all shift long and we'd accomplish so much and probably get fired......
You know, your blog really is inspiring! My dreams are to get my current SF novel published with a big house, and spend the next 30 years writing fiction full time.

Well thank you and good luck with your dreams.

I too have a novel out in the word trying to become something and more on the way.

Scary and exciting isn't it?
Aaaaw! It's things like this that remind me that there are still good parents in the world. (I was beginning to think my folks were freakish or something with the sacrifices they make and dedication they have with me and my sister.)

Good luck with the interview! I now you'll be a big hit. You'll get tips easily. :-D

My dreams? Hmmm... I guess I'm well on my way to living mine. I already work as a paper and book conservator (for work experience) and I start studying book conservation later this year. I'm writing my book quite happily at the moment and I have lots of ideas for more. *grins* Yeah, my dream is to work with books in some way.
I love hearing all these dreams and watching you follow them. Makes me feel all warm and happy inside and I have no idea why!

:::hugs Skarrah::
Good for you!! Preschool, and a good preschool, is so important for kids...you're such a good mom for making that happen for your babe.

When D was in medical school I worked THREE JOBS and was getting my MFA at the same time in NYC, commuting, after work, by train. We were dead poor, but it was fine. That's life.

And you gotta live if you're gonna write.

oh and my dreams? honestly, they've all pretty much come true, probably because of my answer above...

'cept it would be nice to take the boy to disneyland, and own a house one day
Hope you manage. Hugs. Wish you luck on the job hunting scene. It sounds expensive. How many years do you plan to leave Daphne attend it?
She'd be there for five years. That's as high as they go and you're right it is alot of money, but if we can make it happen, we are going to because it's worth it to us for her to have a wonderfule educational experience. Neither one of us had that growing up and we want to give it to her, you know?

A kid only gets to be a kid one time in their life and we want ours to enjoy it!
baby, you gotta do what you need to do to get your kids where you need them to be and where you need to be. there's no harm in it. hell, there's pride in it.

i've always said, don't ever get to proud to forget the taste of spam, mac and cheese and ramen :::grins:::

of course i happen to LIKE those things but hell, who's paying attention to that.

ps. be sure to stop and buy yourself chocolate every once in a while.
I bought a TON of valentine chocolate the day after in that big sale and I so should not have done that!

I love it tho;-)

ANd I love you!
It is kind of funny, I am in a similar boat to you when it comes to hopes and dreams. I want to be the Artistic Director of my own theatre company in the mean time I wish to be directing...those are hard gigs to find...harder to make a living off of. So I have to have a day job, a 9-5 that keeps my evenings open for theatre work in the evening...when I can get it. Pretty much I am a corporate boob in order to support my theatre work and build up for my theatre dream :0)
You know something about our situation?

We are never board!

Yea...not much but it's all I got. I admire you for putting in the effort to follow your dreams. So many people just sit around and talk about what they could have done you know?

Not us. We freaggin DO it!