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Passing Out the Positives

Last night after Orientation at Fox & Hound (which was WONDERFUL BTW and I start officially tonight at 7) I stopped at the grocery store on my way home. While in the bread isle, a handsome young man walked up to me holding his hat in one hand and his green basket in the other.
“Excuse me miss,” he said, “I don’t mean this in a stalkery way or anything, but you just look really nice tonight and I wanted you to know.”
Then, he nodded to me, put his hat back on and walked away leaving me stunned and all kinds of happy. By the time I managed to think of thanking him for his kind words, he was gone.
That man shared positive energy with a complete stranger, asking nothing in return and I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to be a part of that!
In a world where many people have no problem dishing out nastiness online and in person to complete strangers, it is very rare to find the opposite, but obviously, it’s not impossible!
I resolved to myself that this man’s kindness would not be in vain and now, I’m sharing it with all of you in hopes that it might inspire someone else to pass out a little extra positive energy today.  I figure if each of us can find a way to brighten one other person’s day expecting nothing in return, those people will do the same, you know?
Now, I realize that many people may not feel comfortable doing what this man did, but there are  tons of other ways we can share positive energy and I would love to hear your stories.
What have others done over the past few days to brighten your world?
What have you done to pass that positive energy along?
What do you plan to do today?
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