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Passing Out the Positives

Last night after Orientation at Fox & Hound (which was WONDERFUL BTW and I start officially tonight at 7) I stopped at the grocery store on my way home. While in the bread isle, a handsome young man walked up to me holding his hat in one hand and his green basket in the other.
“Excuse me miss,” he said, “I don’t mean this in a stalkery way or anything, but you just look really nice tonight and I wanted you to know.”
Then, he nodded to me, put his hat back on and walked away leaving me stunned and all kinds of happy. By the time I managed to think of thanking him for his kind words, he was gone.
That man shared positive energy with a complete stranger, asking nothing in return and I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to be a part of that!
In a world where many people have no problem dishing out nastiness online and in person to complete strangers, it is very rare to find the opposite, but obviously, it’s not impossible!
I resolved to myself that this man’s kindness would not be in vain and now, I’m sharing it with all of you in hopes that it might inspire someone else to pass out a little extra positive energy today.  I figure if each of us can find a way to brighten one other person’s day expecting nothing in return, those people will do the same, you know?
Now, I realize that many people may not feel comfortable doing what this man did, but there are  tons of other ways we can share positive energy and I would love to hear your stories.
What have others done over the past few days to brighten your world?
What have you done to pass that positive energy along?
What do you plan to do today?


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That is wonderful! What a great story! :-)

I like to give appreciation to folks in service to me at the moment... Like a nurse who was especially kind, or a doctor who took his or her time with me or the garbage collector or mailman... Whoever! :-)
OO this is awesome! I have to go to Target today and I am SO going to pass this along to the checkout people.

Thank you girl!
Well I LOVE this story!

Wish I could have been there to see the smiles on their faces. There's nothing like that warm feeling you get when a complete stranger does something kind like that for no reason.


I once had a pocket full of coins and filled four blocks of expired or nearly expired parking meters. I got hollered at by the meter lady!

I told her that I suffer from OCD and it hurts my head a lot when the meters expire. So she let me keep doing, since she thought I was crazy. As long as I wasn't doing something nice for the sake of it, but keeping myself from going bananas, it was okay.

The funny thing is that my argument was partially true. It does really bug me to see parking meters expired when a car is parked in front of them, even after metered hours! I have to resist the temptation to feed the meter for my own car, even if it is a nickel just to get rid of the little red flag.

Weird, huh? But the feeding everyone else's meter was just a nice thing. I doubt if anyone noticed that they didn't get a ticket though, so it didn't "make" anyone's day.

Sad how it was okay to do it for YOU, but not to help other people. Nice quick thinking on your part though. Hat's off to you for that!
I plan to watch TV and shovel the driveway.... Oh, wait, I meant watch the driveway and shovel the TV.
Well, I'm ver glad you got that all figured out Fly, because I do NOT know what we would have done otherwise!


And goodluck at that tryout.....

That is SO cool. And good luck tonight!

I plan to stay home and...watch the snow. :(
:::wants snow:::

Thanks girl. Goodluck with your soap revolution too LOL!
The world needs more people like that. It's much better to build up than to knock down.

No doubt your body language, good looks, and persona generate attention; most people just don't respond to it because of shyness or fear of rejection, etc.

Today, I took off from work. Another cold. 2nd one this winter. Last winter I had none. I slept late, going to take a shower, get something to eat at a restaurant somewhere nearby, then write that friends day presentation I told you about. I hope it comes easy.

Edited at 2008-02-22 06:35 pm (UTC)
I'm so sorry you're sick and I hope your sermon went well!

I bet it did:-)
Treating the waiting staff at restaurants as equals rather than subordinates. When a waiter or waitress approaches the table and says, "Hi, I'm [name] and I'll be taking care of you tonight," stand up, shake his or her hand, introduce yourself back. Make it a relationship between people rather than master and servant. It's a little gesture that may feel awkward the first few times to the self-conscious among us, but I've found that friendliness and sincerity very rarely go unappreciated.

(Excepting, of course, in situations such as you described. I've stopped attempting to make comments like that because, coming from me, it always comes across as stalkerish and makes the recipient of the compliment uncomfortable rather than happy.)

(It is a shame that you so frequently can't be nice without having to worry anymore. A small child recently tripped over her feet on the sidewalk near me. The parent was a distance away, but when I stopped to see if the child was okay and maybe help her up, the parent went off on me to get away from the kid.)
You know something! You are like the best guest ever LOL! After work last night, I know that someone like you is very rare and I love your attitude.

If you are ever in Chattanooga, PLEASE come see me at Fox and Hound LOL!
I remember the first time I showed up in my regular drinking hole in uniform while on recruiting duty in Ft Lauderdale.
I was used to being around military bases where a man in uniform was just another Joe-sailor/soldier.

It was a Friday and I was working late, decided I was too lazy and hungry to change so I went ahead in my dress whites to the Ye Olde Falcon Pub (Davie, FL).

When I opened the door and stepped in the entire place went silent. Pin-drop kind of silent. I thought perhaps I was about to get my arse handed to me.

The next thing I know applause erupts and there was hoopin' and hollerin'. A couple at the first table grabs me and sits me down.

I didn't know it at the time but the bar that I would come to frequent (almost too frequently) was a cop and firefighter bar (Miami P.D., Miami CSI, Broward Sherrif, and most of the local municipalities gathered here)...and a lot of those ladies and gentlemen are prior service.

Long story short I walked out at 4:30 in the morning with a $16.00 tab.

I also became very, very selective about wearing that uniform in public ;). Never abuse a good thing.
awww! I love how other people's kindness cements itself in our memories. You will never forget that night and that's very special.

Thank you for sharing this story, it made me smile and feel all warm inside too like I was there and I dig that!
Wow--you must be giving out all kinds of great energy lately, Rhona--people are flocking to you. Perhaps you should start a cult, or become a guru??

OOOO my own cult?

:::ponders it for like seven whole seconds:::

Yea! I like it!


I adore you Sea:-)
Aw, yay! (:

I always try to be nice to people, and sometimes I'll do something like tip wayyyyy more then the usual - especially if it's a small bill.
Okay, you MUST come to Fox and Hound with that tipping attitude LOL!

Those things make the server/hostess so happy, I know that from experience now and I'm so glad people like you do this!
I like to think that every time we take in an injured animal from the public, we're helping people by giving them an outlet for kindness. So many seem embarrassed about it. We do other things in the community, but I don't like to talk about them. I do make an effort to speak to people on their blogs and say something encouraging, even when I'm feeling low. What goes around, comes around :)
and say something encouraging, even when I'm feeling low.

That is something I admire so much! It's always hard to do that, but when you take the time to help someone else feel better, it has this backfire effect where it makes you feel better too. Or so I've found.

I love that concept/fact!


Being kind is being aware of others feelings

There are a lot of invisible people in New York. Now I make it a point to accept menues, flyers, etc. from the down-on-their-luck people handing them out for practically no money. And I make eye contact. After all, I wouldn't want to be rushed past as if I didn't exist. They don't need to know that I usually throw the stuff out as soon as I'm out of sight.
Then there's the tricky issue of handicapped people. I'd always been taught not to stare. But,once again, if I were in a wheelchair, or whatever, some genuine eye contact might make me feel less invisible. I've found it is possible to give someone a smile, or a comment about the weather without "staring."

Re: Being kind is being aware of others feelings

OOO I LOVE this eye contact idea!!!! I had never thought of it before, but now it makes perfect sense and I'm going to practice it myself.

Thank you!
oh that is so nice, I am glad there are people in the world like that. I try like to be like that, but strangers scare me :0)
Awww well you can pass all your warmth out to those of us who know you or 'sort of know you' LOL!

And you are always cheering me up so that's much appreciated!
I've been on both sides of this sort of exchange and it feels wonderful no matter what side you're on.

IT really does!
I love to compliment the guy's ties at work. I have a fascination with ties... so many of them are so gorgeous that I'm sad women don't wear them or they can't be made into skirts or such (dang, now I have a new sewing project, could you imagine??). Anyway, so when I see one I like, I let them know. Not that I'm bragging but it's a habit and they get all cute and sometimes blush and I love that...

And I got my hair chopped after surgery and it's been funny as I work more and more that a bunch of those same guys keep telling me how cute my hair is. :) I love where I work.
OOO I am obsessed with ties too! I especially love the wonkey ones with frogs or ducks or stuff like that on them:-)

And I say we start a new tie trend girl! I've worn them before because I too wish that women wore ties cuz they are just fun. You know?


Yea my comments are not making sense today. I am tired!
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