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Got home from my first night at Fox and Hound this morning at 3:30am to find a package from Eric (one of the most thoughtful people ever) with a Locus magazine in it and guess what Peeps? I’m in Locus! 

I am in a picture with Eric, Stephanie, Howard and John Silbersack and while everyone else is smiling at the camera, I’m busy talking and gesturing wildly (as usual) and I don’t even care because I’m in LOCUS!
::::giggles hysterically::::
Anyway, I’ve had very little sleep so this post may or may not make sense at all. Just wanted you all to know that I’m a little behind on my comments/reading friends posts right now because I just haven’t had the time and I really appreciate your patience. I’ll catch up soon, I promise!
Last night I worked the door and it didn’t take me long at all to figure out how the pool/shuffleboard/ darts situation worked even though I’ve never played them. It wasn’t two hours before I had the cash drawer keys and felt confident in the roll of a hostess. Not only that, but two separate sets of guests tipped me generously in ADDITION to their servers and I didn’t even do a damned thing! I couldn’t believe it! Seems if I just take time to smile and chat a bit, people give me money.
How cool is that?
One set of trouble makers got kicked out, but the staff did such a professional job of it most other guests had no idea what had gone on right under their noses. A couple got engaged there and we got to help them celebrate, I made TONS of new friends including two awesome cooks who looked out for me last night and I gotta say, I DIG THIS JOB and can't wait to be a server! 
Also had a major breakthrough on my mainstream fic novel. Right now I call it Finding Thirty and I am having so much fun with it I’m worried it’s not real. You know? Seems like it should be harder to write, but it’s just flowing out of me like a blog post or something. Weird.
I have to run since I work again tonight and haven’t put my words in today yet, but I’ll try to catch up on all my friend’s posts tomorrow.
Hope you guys are all having a wonderful productive weekend too!
:::Hugs Everybody:::


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I'm glad to hear you had a good first night. Hope things stay well! :)
Me too and thank you!
I think the photographer tried to get you to be quiet and smile, but he knew a force of nature when he saw it, gave up, and just took the pic.
Probably. Poor guy. For all I know I was yacking his/her ear off at the time. LOL!
Love that title.
Me too and thank you!
OMG! You're in Locus!!! Now I have to get a copy just to see the photo... *g*

*hugs Rhona* just... well, just because.

Oh, and I'm SO happy your new book is filling you with inspiration! Yay!!!!
Yea....I look like a spaz in that pic, my mouth is open of course and I must have been telling a very perplexing story at the time because my eyes are all wonkey. I wish I could remember what it was LOL!
You got to get a scan of that! I wanna hear more about the mainstream stuff... I've been writing some lately too, and I'm loving it.
OOO yea... I like writing two different things at once. That way I never get burned out you know? When I get sick of the Y/A urban fantasy, I work on the mainstream womens fic, when I get sick of that, I go back. It's great!

What sort of mainstream are you working on?
*\o/* Yay! I'm so glad you found such a great job! Sounds like the perfect place for you! And Finding Thirty is a totally awesome title! I love it! :D
Glad you had fun last night. How 'bout you hanging with the "in" crowd and getting your pic in!
i am SO glad you're liking it. seriously, pub work can be so much fun. snookies. ♥♥♥
SO SO SO much fun! Last night I had a ball!
*hug* congrats on the new job.
Thank you Dell:-)
Oooo, Locus, lookit you! *grins*

Hope you continue to enjoy your new job! Can't see why you wouldn't, pub work is very people oriented and interacting with people seems to be a strong point of yours.

Good luck with getting the words in too. *hugs* Don't wear yourself out too quickly.
yea..you're right. I gotta slow down a bit here soon I think, but I'm having so much fun it's hard!

You are so intuitive Skarah it's almost freaky!

Hooray for a great first night of work, and double hooray for the words flowing like buttah! ;)
Thank you Kaitiana!
good luck with your writing!
Thanks baby:-)
Good riddance, retail! :D

I'm SO glad you had fun!

If I'd known working at a pub would be this much fun, I NEVER would have gotten that other horrid job ever!
Hey, I want to be in Locus, you lucky girl! What page are you on? Very cool!

Serving is a rush until you get to old for it. You'll know when that is, when some horrible person you would avoid on the street orders you to get him a glass of water and you do it, thinking that he should get his own f- water.

That's when you know it's time to move on *g* Until then, though, it's a great job! Save your money, don't forget.
I'm on page 35 and don't anyone ever forget it!

LOL...you're right about the serving work too. I think I'll like this for a while, but not more than a year or so. It's very intense.

I love it now though!

And good advice on the saving too. It's goin on the debt and then for daughter's school.
That is so friggin' AWESOME, Rhona!!! I'm so happy for you! Congrats on the new gig. That's just great. I hope you get to start serving soon... you're going to make a boatload of cash. Keep rockin', lady.
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