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Got home from my first night at Fox and Hound this morning at 3:30am to find a package from Eric (one of the most thoughtful people ever) with a Locus magazine in it and guess what Peeps? I’m in Locus! 

I am in a picture with Eric, Stephanie, Howard and John Silbersack and while everyone else is smiling at the camera, I’m busy talking and gesturing wildly (as usual) and I don’t even care because I’m in LOCUS!
::::giggles hysterically::::
Anyway, I’ve had very little sleep so this post may or may not make sense at all. Just wanted you all to know that I’m a little behind on my comments/reading friends posts right now because I just haven’t had the time and I really appreciate your patience. I’ll catch up soon, I promise!
Last night I worked the door and it didn’t take me long at all to figure out how the pool/shuffleboard/ darts situation worked even though I’ve never played them. It wasn’t two hours before I had the cash drawer keys and felt confident in the roll of a hostess. Not only that, but two separate sets of guests tipped me generously in ADDITION to their servers and I didn’t even do a damned thing! I couldn’t believe it! Seems if I just take time to smile and chat a bit, people give me money.
How cool is that?
One set of trouble makers got kicked out, but the staff did such a professional job of it most other guests had no idea what had gone on right under their noses. A couple got engaged there and we got to help them celebrate, I made TONS of new friends including two awesome cooks who looked out for me last night and I gotta say, I DIG THIS JOB and can't wait to be a server! 
Also had a major breakthrough on my mainstream fic novel. Right now I call it Finding Thirty and I am having so much fun with it I’m worried it’s not real. You know? Seems like it should be harder to write, but it’s just flowing out of me like a blog post or something. Weird.
I have to run since I work again tonight and haven’t put my words in today yet, but I’ll try to catch up on all my friend’s posts tomorrow.
Hope you guys are all having a wonderful productive weekend too!
:::Hugs Everybody:::
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