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My Bathroom Angel

Two hours before I was to be at Fox and Hound last night, the washing machine ate a huge hole in my black pants. I don’t have any other black pants or black skirts and since that’s required attire for work, I tossed a pair of black boots into the car and sped downtown in desperation. I have a hard time finding anything nice that will fit me without being tailored since I’m a size 0 and most clothing that size is covered in ponies and sparkly Barbie logos. So as I ran through the mall in search of something, anything black that might fit, I was more stressed than I care to admit. I didn’t want to show up on my second day of work late or dressed inappropriately and I only had half an hour to find something. It seemed impossible.
Three stores of nothing later, I dashed into WetSeal and found a rack of little black dresses. I rifled through them and found just one X-small. Just one and the price tag said 20$. So, I breathed a wish for luck, dashed into the dressing room and tried it on. It fit! I didn’t bother to decide whether I liked it or not, just took it off, ran out to the counter, bought it, ran up the escalator to the public restrooms and changed because I only had 15 minutes left. I emerged from the bathroom stall to find white deodorant marks all over that little black dress thanks to my hurried change. I snatched up some paper towels and began desperately trying to get the white spots to disappear and by this time, I was close to tears.
A stall door opened behind me and a tall white haired lady walked out. She paused to watch my frantic attempts to get the white streaks off my little black dress for a moment, then smiled.
“You look absolutely adorable!” she said, and I saw that she meant it. She had sparkling green eyes and I noticed that her makeup was flawless.
“Thank you,” I said, “I’m just almost late for my new job and I just bought this and now I got deodorant all over it and I’m freaking out!”
“Where do you work?” she asked.
“Fox and Hound” I said, frantically rubbing away a white mark on my hip.
“Well you look just like a little dancer in that dress,” she said, “what will you wear on your feet?”
“I have black boots in the car,” I told her, suddenly realizing that those boots might not match the dress at all and beginning to panic even more.
The woman clapped her perfectly manicured hands together in delight. “Black boots will be perfect for that dress!” she exclaimed. “I think that’s wonderful!”
She stepped forward and grabbed a paper towel. “Hold still, I’ll get the marks on your back” she said, and I did. While she helped me, the panic began to ease because suddenly, I believed her. I did look nice, my boots would match and I was going to make it on time.
She patted my shoulder a moment later “All done,” she said cheerily, “now go get your boots and work that dress tonight. You are going to be brilliant!”
I snatched up my jeans and purse, gave her a quick hug and just before I dashed out of the bathroom, I paused. “What’s your name?” I asked.
“Janet,” she told me with a sparkly smile.
“Thank you Janet,” I said, “You are my miracle tonight and I will never forget what you just did for me.”
Janet motioned for me to get out of the bathroom and I may have imagined the shine in her eyes, I don’t know because I only had nine minutes left. I ran to my car, little dress flapping in the cold wind and I didn’t care. I yanked on my boots, thanked the gods that I’d shaved my legs, sped across the street to Fox and Hound and made it in the door with three minutes to spare.
I got so many compliments on that dress last night I lost count and since it was my first night as a “shot girl” that gave me the boost of confidence I needed when the manager handed me a tray of Jager Bombs and told me I owed him 50$ so I’d best sell them all. I did, in a matter of minutes and after sorting out my tips, I handed him the cash and I cannot even tell you how good it felt to see the surprise in his eyes! I still didn’t even know what a Jager bomb was!
After that it was jell-o shots, then some other drink I don’t know and by this time it was standing room only in there. A limo pulled up outside and a whole string of fancy dressed girls paraded in and strutted around the bar holding hands for about an hour, then out again. I laughed so hard because WTF was that? LOL!
Left last night at 12pm with a handful of tips, hugs from all my other employee friends and a heart full of gratitude to my bathroom angel Janet.
There are so many wonderful, kind, loving people in the world it astounds me. I want to be  a Janet someday, you know?


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I want to be a Janet someday, you know?

From where I stand, it looks like you already are.
awww you are very sweet!
Hee. I think it's Jager (with the two dots over the A) bomb.

After Jagermeister. :) Not that I um, drink. Cough.
Like this: Jäger(meister). That means "hunting master," Rhona. My M.A. in German literature ought to be good for something! *grin*
awww shucks. that is very sweet of you to say, but I doubt it, I was falling apart in that bathroom last night. It's wierd how little things like that can really get to a person. You know? But all it takes is just some calm encouragement and help from someone else to make everything okay again.

I dig that!
I know! Janet is a very special lady and I wish I'd had more time to get to know her. maybe if I'm lucky, I'll meet her again someday.
Jagerbomb: Jager and Red Bull. Simple and huuurts.

Glad it's working out!
OH! So that dark liquid in the middle is Red Bull?


As you can see, I still have no idea what I'm doing. I'm learning though LOL!
I really want to meet you in person someday. You must put off such remarkable positive energy. People seem drawn to you. (We'll forget about the hags at the old job for a moment. They had issues!)

We should all try to be a Janet for someone. It sounds like your new job is just perfect for you. (Be sure to save this blog post. It sounds like it should go in your new novel!)
I agree about being a Janet, that woman is remarkable and I can only imagine how many people she has helped over the years. And I can't wait to meet you either! I imagine we will have all sorts of fun and I will most certianly find a way to humiliate both of us in varous ways you won't soon forget......it's my special talent. LOL!
Very nice story, Janet!

Do he mean you owe him $50.00 for the drinks?

People know that though, and they tip me extra which is very sweet I think!
I have the same problem with clothes. I feel your pain! (yeah...you can find me in the so-called "juniors" section at every mall...) Glad it all worked out!
I KNOW! Poor us! I have come to HATE the juniors section for this very reason LOL!
Hooray for Janet AND you!
AMEN sista!
Another great Adventures of Rhona story.

I'm still waiting for the day you come to your senses and compile these entries into a ms. and get them published---people love you. Do it, man!
LOL,,, you are so inspiring Sea!

You know, I am working on something like that right now. I call it "Happy Things" and it's a compilation of non-fiction short stories about random acts of kindness.



Don't you know that you already are? I think your blog is a "Janet" to more people than you realize.
Thank you.
Barbara B.

Re: Janet

awww thank you for saying something so kind Barbra!

I love that you're having such a blast with this, and I'm enjoying the updates. It's also always nice to see stories about unexpected kindness. :)
Yea, I agree with you about the unexpected kindness and its nice to have you round to share stuff with!
LOL! I will try to get hubby to take a picture of it next time I wear it because now it's my little miracle dress and I adore it!
Your journal is always so happy, it makes me feel good to read it. :)
aww Yay!

I feel good when I read yours too cuz it always makes me want to be/do better. I dig that!
You meet the most awesome people!! Gratz too on the awesomeness of the job, it sounds like a whole lot of fun. :D And like a bunch of others said a Jagerbomb is a shot of Red Bull dropped into a tumbler of Jager. Potent stuff, for sure. ;)
yea...I gathered they were potent watching people's faces when they drank them. YUCKY!

And I do meet the most awesome people eva including you!

I'm just lucky that way I guess:-)
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