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Ever feel crazy rushed, stressed and a little frustrated, then sit down to your computer and read messages from friends you adore and smile and let go of all that anxiety because you have the bestest friends ever?
Yea, me too.
I want to be a better friend to my friends. You know?
Friendship is a precious thing and I don’t stop often enough to appreciate it I don’t think. So, I’m going to do that now before I must dash out the door.
I appreciate the happy sparkly feeling I get whenever a far away friend takes time to leave a comment here, or send me a funny message, or  a ‘poke’ on Facebook.
I love the hugs, high fives and shoulder nudges from my right here friends. They make me feel all warm and wanted and happy inside.
I feel so lucky when my friends listen to my craziness, forgive my forgetfulness and laugh/weep with me over my mistakes.
Most of all, I am so very grateful that I never feel alone. Ever.
Now, I would love to hear what you appreciate about your friends. No matter how small or insignificant you might feel it is, those things matter. You know?
Friends are one of the most precious parts of life I think.


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I have always been very bad at maintaining real life friendships. So I'm very appreciative of the people I've met online, in the writing world, who are accepting and supportive. Maybe sometime I'll make real life friends of the various icons and avatars, but it's been a good support system this past year or so.
Dude, I totally count you as one of my 'far away friends' and I feel fortunate to know you so I dig that!

And someday you will get to meet us at conferences etc and that will be SO MUCH FUN!

Also disasterous I'm sure....LOL!
I too am bad at maintaining friendships. I like people, I get along with almost everyone, and people seem to like me, so I do pretty well when I'm around people -- but I'm absolutely terrible at maintaining contact with people I'm not around, and even worse at making new friends. I don't know that there's anything I appreciate about my friends other than everything. I love my friends. As far as "online" friends -- I've met a few, and consider them "real" friends, and some of the people online have shown far more interest in my wellbeing than my "real life" friends. One time when I wasn't online for several weeks, some of my online friends took the time and initiative to track me down (this at a time when I wasn't leaving my full name all over the internet, too) and call my home to make sure I was okay. That's really above and beyond what many of my real life friends have done in other situations.

Anyway, yes, I love my friends, online and off.
I don't know that there's anything I appreciate about my friends other than everything.

I love that sentence!

Edited at 2008-02-27 09:14 pm (UTC)
I love all my friends, too. But in particular, I will tell you about my oldest and dearest friend, Adam.

We have known each other since before we could talk; our parents were neighbors & met when we were babies. His mother raised him very strictly, and he grew up loving rules and order- when he was in the third grade he had his bookshelf organized by subject matter, and alphabetically by author within that, and a library card system so you could check stuff out. He wanted to be a lawyer from the moment he understood what one was, and now that's what he is.

I was given toys and freedom; a very long leash. I am a creative type, an eccentric, a mischief maker. We couldn't be more opposite, and would never, EVER have been friends if it had been left to us to meet in the course of pursuing our own lives. I was telling a new friend about him once, and she asked if it was kind of awkward; if we felt like we HAD to be friends because of our parents. Not at all; not remotely. I don't know what I'd do without him. He teaches me so much. It would be a living hell for each of us if we had to live the other's life, but we wouldn't be without each other for a second. We are rhyme and reason to each other, rhythm and melody, etc...

Most of all I'm grateful to know that it's so important that people are different from each other. It makes the world go round, and it would be awful if we weren't.
Is Adam from the North Country too? I'm wracking my brain.
I maintain my friendships. I have friendships that span 30 years. I may be too busy for a friend at a certain moment, but I will get back to them as soon as I am free. I appreciate the same consideration.

I appreciate when friends get back to me when they say they will. Characteristics that I like in a friend are reliability, consideration, loyalty, understanding, the ability to forgive and forget, among other things. I also appreciate the same amount of respect from them as I give.

Edited at 2008-02-26 06:12 pm (UTC)
I think everyone appreciates respect. I've noticed that my four-year-old respects people who respect her, both kids and adults and it's given that whole topic a new meaning for me.

I think you are one of the most loyal and considerate friends anyone could have Tommy and I count myself lucky to have you as one of mine!
I heart you, Rhona.

Friends are precious and good and happy. What do I appreciate about my friends:

1. They don't care if my socks don't match.
2. They don't care that I have dog fur on my skirts.
3. They laugh.
4. They care.
5. Did I mention the dog fur thing?
LOL! The dog fur thing could totally be a metaphor too. Friends don't judge and that is all kinds of awesome!

Specialy for people like me who are way to busy judging ourselves against impossible standards. You know?

I love your list Carrie. Specially the dog fur part:-)
My friends forgive me when I'm selfish, appreciate me when I'm giving, boost me up when I'm down, and love me no matter what. :-)
Yea...I love all these things too!
You are a good friend. Just letting you know
And you are very sweet and intuative.You know that? You totally picked up on my 'I'm feeling like a rotten friend' vibe.

Thanks girl.

i like that they leave me alone when i need to be alone :D
that's 'cause we love you...and a bunch of us live too far away to really bug! ::grins::
Have you noticed your content lemon looks like he has a goatee?
LOL...I hadn't noticed I HAD a content lemon until you pointed him out.

Yea. I am SO observant it's terrifying.

Sounds, whimpy and kinda emo, but I simply appreciate having friends. Especially ones that understand me and don't judge me. Or stop being my friend simply because I'm too ill to socialise. It took me a while to find you guys. *hugs Rhona and other LJ friends*
That's not wimpy or emo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, maybe it is, but if so, I dig wimpy and emo!

:::hugs Skarrah back:::
I just added you as a friend on Facebook. Approve me! ;)
My pleasure:-)
I agree!


Once again, you bring an old poem to mind...


You make me smile
You make me frown
Never shall I let you down

You make me laugh
You make me cry
You make me feel as if I could fly

You make me happy
You make me sad
You make me feel so very glad

You give me strength
You wear me through
You cheer me up when I am blue

You cause me joy
You cause me pain
Never once shall I complain

You make me shine
You make me dull
You pick me up when I fall

You give me warmth
You can be cold
You have a heart laced with gold

You are... a friend

© Shadow Whysper

Re: Once again, you bring an old poem to mind...

OMG I just totally heard a tune in my head for this!

We gotta make it a song!
So true. Thanks for thaking the time to remind us all how important friends are.
My pleasure!

Nice to 'meet' you here BTW:-)

Any friend of the freaky eyeball is a friend of mine.

Like it or not.

::::cackles wickedly:::
Friends are definitely one of the most precious parts of life. I totally agree with you. And though I've never met you, I can easily believe that you're a great friend to have. And because of that, I'm sure that you'll never, ever want for friends.

What do I appreciate about my friends? Their love and support... their willingness to be there when I need them, their willingness to kick me in the butt when I need it and their willingness to love me despite my many, many flaws and faults.
awww you are a wonderful frined too Java. You always take time to make sure others feel good about themselves. That's a preacous comodoty in a friend.
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