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I Am Sick

I have missed your posts and comments and am way behind on everything because I’m sick. Going to the Dr today. Will catch up soon I promise. I miss you guys, but am just too damned miserable to stay sitting up for any length of time. I think it’s the flu because of the sudden onset respratory crap, but I don’t know for sure yet.
Just didn’t want you all to think I’d disappeared or anything. 

:::: stumbles away in delirium:::::


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Awww, sweetheart. :( Hope you feel better soon. And I can SO relate. I spent 4 out of the past 7-8 weeks miserably sick myself. Get well fast!
Chicken soup hugs!!!!!
Feel better soon! This stuff is clearly going around :(
I hope you feel better very soon Rhona.
get to feeling better soon. *hug*
And I'm going to second the advice of "Anonymous" or Barbara.
feel better, sweetie!
Oh, nooo!

Have some tequila ;) and feel better soon!!
oh no! I hope you feel better soon!
Hope you get well soon. Both myself and the wife have been sick all week with fevers,coughing etc. Our Dr. said there is a LOT of this going around. So rest up & drink your juice.
Uh-oh, that's not good!! Hope you feel better soon!! *sends healing hugs*
Get well soon, Rhona!
sorry to hear you're feeling so sick.

feel better,
Feel better soon... Take care of yourself too! You've been working too hard... You need some good R&R sometimes, to balance your busy schedule. *hugs*
:( Hope you feel better soon!!
::huggles and get well vibes coming your way::
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