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I Didn't Die!

My goodness, I feel like I’ve been in another world for the past few days and am just now beginning to wake up to reality again. I was diagnosed with Acute Bronchitis and Influenza on Wed. By Thursday, I begged my husband to stay home and care for our daughter because I couldn’t. I was too sick.  The doctor gave me a very strong antibiotic because he was worried about pneumonia and because I’m allergic to penicillin, they had to use one that has a lot of not-so-fun side effects which made me even sicker.So, I’ve been living in my bed, huddled over a humidifier, too week and miserable to sit down at my computer, or read or even watch T.V.  
This evening, I feel much better thanks to the antibiotics, but my body is very weak and I’m still congested. I don’t mind though, because I’m better and I didn’t die!
I missed you guys terribly and just now sat down and read all your posts from the last week. I loved them and my heart goes out to the others who are sick too. Sickness is horrible!
I missed my new friends at Fox and Hound too. I really love working there and can’t wait to be well enough to return.
I really appreciate all your kind comments on my sick post. I read them just now and you guys are just wonderful and thoughtful and caring and…well…I’m emotional because of all this sickness, but I’m just so grateful to all of you for your kind encouraging words. They mean a lot to me and when I’m better, I’ll respond to each one.
That’s all for now, I must go lie down again, but I wanted you to know I appreciate all of you and reading your posts before I wrote mine made me feel so much better it’s not even funny. I feel like I got to reach out and touch all of your lives for a moment and that somehow, by sharing those little bits of your days, you breathed new healing energy into mine.
Yea. I get waaaaaay sappy when I’m sick. It’s disgusting!
::::slinks away to bed::::


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I'm just glad that you're getting better!!! Can't wait to really have you back!! I miss reading your posts!! I always enjoy reading them! Get even more better soon!!!
you are such a sweetheart Music:-)

I'm tryin to get better! Haven't been this sick in a very long time and I think my body is in shock still. Typing is hard even!

Aw *hugs*

I hope you're back on your feet, soon!
I'm workin on it and thanks girl:-)

I am sorry you have been sick. I can relate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are feeling better asap!

Thanks Meg,

I am feeling much better this evening and will be back up and about soon.

I appreciate havin you over here in my corner too:-)
You're so sweet.


I sure hope you're completely better soon.
Yea me too LOL!

:::hugs back::::
Yikes! How terrible! I hope you get better soon!!!!!
Yea I AM much better than I was, or I wouldn't be here LOL!

I'm just week and congested now and my lungs are still full of crap.

Thanks for the sympathy girl:-)

so nice to see you in LJ land.........

sorry to hear you were so sick.
Hope you're 100% soon!


Re: so nice to see you in LJ land.........

Thank you sweetheart, I'm very greatful for your steady support.
*hug* Poor Rhona! :(
Yea, I agree!

:::hugs back::::
I'm sorry you got The Dreaded Bug. Hope you feel better soon!
I'm better today! Just still coughing and achy and stuff, but no fever!

Thank you for your concern and get well wishes girl. I know they work!
Yea. I get waaaaaay sappy when I’m sick. It’s disgusting!

Soo.... what's your excuse when you're not feeling blue? :P
::::Hits Neutronjockey in the head then taps foot and whistles innocently::::

Um.......I'm a girl?

::::runs away cackling and coughing:::::
Oh dear! I'm SO sorry you are so sick! Rest up. Get better! Here's some tea for you. {{{}}}
Thank you so much girl. I am feeling much better and I know all your positive energy has helped with that!
I'm sorry to hear that you have The Bronchitis. It's been horrible this year. I had it in December and through January -- it comes and goes. This is the worst flu season in modern history.

No one has been spared!

Fluids. Lots and lots of fluids to keep everything loose and flowing. That's about all you can do. I'm sorry!

Oh no, do you have chronic Bronchitis? I understand that is a serious condition and having suffered this bout of Acute Bronchitis, I can honestly tell you I hope I NEVER EVER get it again!

I don't know how much of my misery was the flu and how much was the bronchitis, but yea. HORRIBLE!

And you stay well now okay? THREE times!

So glad to hear that you're feeling better... When you hadn't posted in awhile, I knew it had to be one heck of an illness. ;-)

You just take the time you need to get yourself well. All of us LJ friends will still be here when you are healthy enough to come back to us. *hug*
Yea, you know me too well girl. It takes alot to keep me away from my beloved computer LOL!

:::hugs shadow:::
i hope you're doing better honey. and rest!
I am doing so much better today I almost can't believe it!

Thank you for your kind wishes girl:-)
Glad you're feeling better! It's awful to be that sick. I hope you're up and about again soon.
You and me both sista!

I am much better today, now my poor hubby is getting sick and Daughter has had it for a couple days now. My poor family!
Glad to know that you're feeling a bit better! Good thoughts coming your way :)
Thank you so much mirtlemist:-)
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