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My Baby's Growing Up!

Today, for the first time since my baby girl was born four years ago, I left her alone at a school and drove away. She went to the teacher with a huge smile on her face and never looked back. I, on the other hand, burst into tears when the door closed behind her, stumbled out to my car and wept all the way to the bookstore where I sat, waiting for the 2 and ½ hour assessment to be over so I could pick my baby up again.
Those were the longest two-and-a-half hours of my life. I wasn’t even a mile away from the school, but I clutched my cell phone in the palm of my hand and watched it carefully, just in case. I’d timed the distance and could be at the school in 97 seconds if they needed me. But they didn’t. When I returned to pick her up, Daphne was still smiling and all the way home she told me about how much fun she’d had and how many new friends she’d made.  I smiled and nodded and cried. I am such a wuss!
We’ll find out next week if Daphne was accepted there for school next year and I know now, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that we are doing the right thing. She loved it there today and she is ready. I’m the one who’s not! I put my life on hold when she was born so I could stay home and raise her myself and I was ready and willing to homeschool her if she wanted, but she’s grown up a strong, independent little person who is able to walk away from mommy into new and exciting experiences with a smile on her face. She never even looked back and you’d never know this was the first time she’d been separated from both parents for any length of time. I’m so very proud of her and of us.

We took this picture before getting ready this morning so Daphne could save her very first day as a school girl forever. It was her idea and I love it.
Novel Update: While at the bookstore clutching my phone and trying not to look like a psychopath, I walked back and forth through the aisles and read book titles and author names. I paused over Anton’s Dead to Me, Mark’s Happy Hour, Di's Cipher and Eric’s shelf ( yup, my bookstore has devoted a whole shelf to you now Eric) and then I sat down under the display holding Jeaniene’s Halfway to the Grave and I smiled. Because you guys did it, so I can too. It’s just a matter of time now, time and effort. I still have both, so I’m happy!


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She has a healthy sense of independence. I suppose in that way she takes after her mother. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
I am so very fortunate to have such a beautiful, smart, sweet, kind baby girl.

I just love her so much and I can't believe how fast she's growing up. I really can't.

:::is still teary::::

Thank you for the sweet words Tommy. Every mother loves to hear that her baby girl might take after her a bit I think. You know?
You know what was even harder for me than my oldest child's first day of school? My youngest child's first day of school. Cause he was the "baby" and the last to let go of.

He'll graduate from high school next year. That's going to be another hard step for me, I know. :)

I know you're going to make it as a published novelist, too, because you work so hard to be the best you can be, and you're always so postive and never let go.
Thank you girl. For always being here and always knowing what to say. Daphne is our one and only, so maybe that is part of it for me too. You know?

It's just happening so very fast.
She did so well because of the excellent job you have done raising her. Be proud!
You are so sweet to say that!

I know I love reading all about your little boy and his adventures. Sounds to me like he's independant too.

Poor us later when they are teenagers. We are so screwed!
Hahaha, I did the same thing on my first day of preschool- gleeful diving in, mom in tears at the door.

Agree with the above that you have only your excellent parenting to blame for this tragic raging success. Daphne is awesome.
Figures you'd be mr independant even back then.

And I agree with you, Daphne is awesome. She's my little miracle and I can't believe how much she's grown!

Yea...I'm still all sappy. She's out there watching Clifford now as if nothing happened. I want to be a kid again!
Just because Mark has done something is not a sign you want to do it. Trust me on this. :-)


Yea, you do make a good point......
Ahh Rhona, you're a good Mom. Good for her that she had fun!
Thanks man. I try to be and I'm so glad she had fun too!
I vaguely remember my mom being a wreck that day. New clothes. I also remember worrying about people walking in on me when I was using the bathroom. And that's pretty much it for my memories of first day of school.

Am I the Eric with the whole shelf? Cool.

Edited at 2008-03-13 06:45 pm (UTC)
Yup, you are Eric of the whole shelf:-)

I'm also glad to know I'm not the only momma who fell apart over this!

You turned out okay anyway and that's good to know........LOL!
Awwwww! I'll bet she was a shining little reflection of you, in there. (:

You know, I remember going for my Kindergarden entrance assessment. I don't remember much of it, but my mother has tales.

I was able to read by the time I was three-ish, and I could tell time, tie my shoes, and all that jazz by the time it was time to start the big K. Allegedly, I never completed my Kindergarden entrance exam, though, because I reportedly (and I dno't remember this, but my mother swears it) threw down my pencil halfway through and announced, "This is so stupid! I'm not doing any more!"
HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! That is priceless!!!!!!

I'm most worried now about what my little shining reflection told her teachers about me.

I'm positive it wasn't flattering because kids don't remember that stuff. No, they remember how mommy chased the dog around the yard naked.

:::covers her face and shudderes:::::
:::huggles back for all the awesome pics you always share::::
Hooray!!! It does get easier. :)

I also tend to pause at the authors I've met. I then have a habit of facing their books out.

Dude, I totally face their books too! And I carry them about placing them sporadically next to other authors I think write similar stuff so people will be all "oh, I should totally read this" and stuff.

Yea. It sounds strange out loud, but in my head, it's logical and helpful.......
Great picture! Daphne sounds very much like Devin, who also never looked back. Ellie, otoh, is more clingy and less willing...but she has another year of pre-K to adjust (and hopefully she will, as I don't want to have to stay at K the first 10 minutes of every school day, sigh).
Yea......being a mommy is so emotionally exhausting sometimes I wonder how anyone survives it. You know? But it's so wonderful at the same time.......yea. You know. yur a mommy too.
Ahhh! I remember that so well, but E was 2.5 when he started preschool! It was just two mornings a week and he was with his best friend but he cried for a week or so when I dropped him off. It was so sad, but they say it's very normal. I was so sad too. I did the cell phone clutch for the whole first year...they've NEVER called (knock on wood) because of course, he loved school and still does.

Socially, I think school is hugely important for kids. And when you create a loving safe environment for them to come home to, then they thrive when they are away. Well done, Rhona! Congrats on a BIG mommy step!
Thank you Sea:-)

I can't believe how fast this year has gone and I have a feeling I'll be doing that cell-phone-clutch for a while just like you did. This is hard!
(((HUGS))) ::offers Kleenex::

I hated leaving my kids at school...I remember sitting in my car with tears pouring down my cheeks as I watched my babies with their little backpacks...

But I remember being so excited, too. Because it's the first step in the rest of their lives, the first leap into that great unknown adventure that will shape who and what they become. And it's a fascinating process. Bittersweet and poignant, but really neat.

And your little girl is just ADORABLE. I am not surprised she was so ready for school. She looks quite brave and ready to take on the world!
Awww thank you girl! I really enjoyed reading about your horsey experiences yesterday, just didn't have the time to tell you. Somehow, you always manage to share some of that peace and serenety you find out there with us and I dig that so much!
Daphne's got an edge over most kids, with her parents backing her the way you both do. And she's got more than a bit of you in her, obviously! I swear, you two are like peas in a pod when you talk about things she does, sometimes... and looking at her in some of these pictures - wow she's gonna be a stunner just like her dear mum.

And just as funny, smart, witty, talented, versatile, gifted, sweet, concientious and all-around wonderful as her mom is, too.

(Not to mention the good stuff she gets from Dad).
:::: Hug's Mammasue ::::

Thank you so much!
I'm sure your daughter will be a little firebrand and keep everyone at school on their toes while she has a marvelous time :)
LOL....but....but....how did you know she's a little firebrand?

::::has shifty eyes:::

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