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Mar. 21st, 2008

Good News and Wedgie Warnings

One of the agents with a partial of THE TURNED ONES just requested the full manuscript this morning and said the following about the partial….
“I was totally sucked in by the first 60 pages and nearly missed my subway stop this evening. Good job!”

Do you know how happy those words made me?
Of course you do! 

I am DYING of joy right now. DYING!
I don’t care what happens, I’ll never forget the warm fuzzy feeling this agent’s words gave me first thing this morning and that is wonderful.
Work at Fox and Hound was crazy last night and I didn’t get home till after 1:00pm. We are driving upstate today to pick up our new puppy, (pictures to follow soon) and I work all weekend, but I will make time to catch up on all your posts.

Happy Easter Early Everybody!
If any of you should ever find that a pair of underwear is really not underwear at all, but a permanent wedgie instead, I would advise you to throw it away immediately instead of saving it, thinking you will remember not to wear it ever again. Because you might forget and end up running hither and yon through a crowded bar for hours with the worst wedgie in wedgie history and you might rue the day you laid eyes on that pair of pretty Christmas underwear!

Mar. 13th, 2008

My Baby's Growing Up!

Today, for the first time since my baby girl was born four years ago, I left her alone at a school and drove away. She went to the teacher with a huge smile on her face and never looked back. I, on the other hand, burst into tears when the door closed behind her, stumbled out to my car and wept all the way to the bookstore where I sat, waiting for the 2 and ½ hour assessment to be over so I could pick my baby up again.
Those were the longest two-and-a-half hours of my life. I wasn’t even a mile away from the school, but I clutched my cell phone in the palm of my hand and watched it carefully, just in case. I’d timed the distance and could be at the school in 97 seconds if they needed me. But they didn’t. When I returned to pick her up, Daphne was still smiling and all the way home she told me about how much fun she’d had and how many new friends she’d made.  I smiled and nodded and cried. I am such a wuss!
We’ll find out next week if Daphne was accepted there for school next year and I know now, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that we are doing the right thing. She loved it there today and she is ready. I’m the one who’s not! I put my life on hold when she was born so I could stay home and raise her myself and I was ready and willing to homeschool her if she wanted, but she’s grown up a strong, independent little person who is able to walk away from mommy into new and exciting experiences with a smile on her face. She never even looked back and you’d never know this was the first time she’d been separated from both parents for any length of time. I’m so very proud of her and of us.

We took this picture before getting ready this morning so Daphne could save her very first day as a school girl forever. It was her idea and I love it.
Novel Update: While at the bookstore clutching my phone and trying not to look like a psychopath, I walked back and forth through the aisles and read book titles and author names. I paused over Anton’s Dead to Me, Mark’s Happy Hour, Di's Cipher and Eric’s shelf ( yup, my bookstore has devoted a whole shelf to you now Eric) and then I sat down under the display holding Jeaniene’s Halfway to the Grave and I smiled. Because you guys did it, so I can too. It’s just a matter of time now, time and effort. I still have both, so I’m happy!

Mar. 8th, 2008

I Didn't Die!

My goodness, I feel like I’ve been in another world for the past few days and am just now beginning to wake up to reality again. I was diagnosed with Acute Bronchitis and Influenza on Wed. By Thursday, I begged my husband to stay home and care for our daughter because I couldn’t. I was too sick.  The doctor gave me a very strong antibiotic because he was worried about pneumonia and because I’m allergic to penicillin, they had to use one that has a lot of not-so-fun side effects which made me even sicker.So, I’ve been living in my bed, huddled over a humidifier, too week and miserable to sit down at my computer, or read or even watch T.V.  
This evening, I feel much better thanks to the antibiotics, but my body is very weak and I’m still congested. I don’t mind though, because I’m better and I didn’t die!
I missed you guys terribly and just now sat down and read all your posts from the last week. I loved them and my heart goes out to the others who are sick too. Sickness is horrible!
I missed my new friends at Fox and Hound too. I really love working there and can’t wait to be well enough to return.
I really appreciate all your kind comments on my sick post. I read them just now and you guys are just wonderful and thoughtful and caring and…well…I’m emotional because of all this sickness, but I’m just so grateful to all of you for your kind encouraging words. They mean a lot to me and when I’m better, I’ll respond to each one.
That’s all for now, I must go lie down again, but I wanted you to know I appreciate all of you and reading your posts before I wrote mine made me feel so much better it’s not even funny. I feel like I got to reach out and touch all of your lives for a moment and that somehow, by sharing those little bits of your days, you breathed new healing energy into mine.
Yea. I get waaaaaay sappy when I’m sick. It’s disgusting!
::::slinks away to bed::::

Mar. 5th, 2008

I Am Sick

I have missed your posts and comments and am way behind on everything because I’m sick. Going to the Dr today. Will catch up soon I promise. I miss you guys, but am just too damned miserable to stay sitting up for any length of time. I think it’s the flu because of the sudden onset respratory crap, but I don’t know for sure yet.
Just didn’t want you all to think I’d disappeared or anything. 

:::: stumbles away in delirium:::::

Feb. 28th, 2008


 I think balls are funny. In fact, I once devoted an entire post to my relationship with balls and you can find it HERE.

So, now that you understand my problem, you can imagine how I felt
when a young man approached my desk  and asked if I had any extra balls.  I stared at him for a second and tried to maintain my composure, I really did, but then he asked again and I lost it.  I mean, the dude needed extra balls! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Poor guy stood there shuffling his feet and sort of laughing at/with me for a minute. Soon as I could manage to talk, I said, “man, I’m so sorry, I’ll check and see if I can find some balls for y--haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwhawhwahwahwha!~”
Now, I’m doubled over gasping for air and he’s laughing too because he’s finally seen the light (or been drinking a bit, its a toss up). Anyway, I went in search of the balls and had managed to gain partial control of myself by the time I returned to inform him that  I was sorry, but I didn’t have any spare balls to lend him. Then, I lost it again.
By this time, several of the young ball requester’s buddies had joined us and everyone was laughing hysterically. Manager appeared then, as they always do at the most inopportune times (they have superpowers I KNOW IT!)  and we all tried very hard to quiet down and you know, act adult.
Problem is, we have 8 separate pool tables at Fox and Hound and one of my jobs is to manage all the balls and the men who need them. I cannot do this with a straight face. Can’t do it!
In fact, knowing that I should not giggle, makes me giggle harder and it’s a horrible circle of shame I am doomed to be forever stuck in I think.
Poor me!

Why are balls so damned funny?


Feb. 26th, 2008


Ever feel crazy rushed, stressed and a little frustrated, then sit down to your computer and read messages from friends you adore and smile and let go of all that anxiety because you have the bestest friends ever?
Yea, me too.
I want to be a better friend to my friends. You know?
Friendship is a precious thing and I don’t stop often enough to appreciate it I don’t think. So, I’m going to do that now before I must dash out the door.
I appreciate the happy sparkly feeling I get whenever a far away friend takes time to leave a comment here, or send me a funny message, or  a ‘poke’ on Facebook.
I love the hugs, high fives and shoulder nudges from my right here friends. They make me feel all warm and wanted and happy inside.
I feel so lucky when my friends listen to my craziness, forgive my forgetfulness and laugh/weep with me over my mistakes.
Most of all, I am so very grateful that I never feel alone. Ever.
Now, I would love to hear what you appreciate about your friends. No matter how small or insignificant you might feel it is, those things matter. You know?
Friends are one of the most precious parts of life I think.

Feb. 24th, 2008

My Bathroom Angel

Two hours before I was to be at Fox and Hound last night, the washing machine ate a huge hole in my black pants. I don’t have any other black pants or black skirts and since that’s required attire for work, I tossed a pair of black boots into the car and sped downtown in desperation. I have a hard time finding anything nice that will fit me without being tailored since I’m a size 0 and most clothing that size is covered in ponies and sparkly Barbie logos. So as I ran through the mall in search of something, anything black that might fit, I was more stressed than I care to admit. I didn’t want to show up on my second day of work late or dressed inappropriately and I only had half an hour to find something. It seemed impossible.
Three stores of nothing later, I dashed into WetSeal and found a rack of little black dresses. I rifled through them and found just one X-small. Just one and the price tag said 20$. So, I breathed a wish for luck, dashed into the dressing room and tried it on. It fit! I didn’t bother to decide whether I liked it or not, just took it off, ran out to the counter, bought it, ran up the escalator to the public restrooms and changed because I only had 15 minutes left. I emerged from the bathroom stall to find white deodorant marks all over that little black dress thanks to my hurried change. I snatched up some paper towels and began desperately trying to get the white spots to disappear and by this time, I was close to tears.

Feb. 23rd, 2008


Got home from my first night at Fox and Hound this morning at 3:30am to find a package from Eric (one of the most thoughtful people ever) with a Locus magazine in it and guess what Peeps? I’m in Locus! 

I am in a picture with Eric, Stephanie, Howard and John Silbersack and while everyone else is smiling at the camera, I’m busy talking and gesturing wildly (as usual) and I don’t even care because I’m in LOCUS!
::::giggles hysterically::::
Anyway, I’ve had very little sleep so this post may or may not make sense at all. Just wanted you all to know that I’m a little behind on my comments/reading friends posts right now because I just haven’t had the time and I really appreciate your patience. I’ll catch up soon, I promise!
Last night I worked the door and it didn’t take me long at all to figure out how the pool/shuffleboard/ darts situation worked even though I’ve never played them. It wasn’t two hours before I had the cash drawer keys and felt confident in the roll of a hostess. Not only that, but two separate sets of guests tipped me generously in ADDITION to their servers and I didn’t even do a damned thing! I couldn’t believe it! Seems if I just take time to smile and chat a bit, people give me money.
How cool is that?
One set of trouble makers got kicked out, but the staff did such a professional job of it most other guests had no idea what had gone on right under their noses. A couple got engaged there and we got to help them celebrate, I made TONS of new friends including two awesome cooks who looked out for me last night and I gotta say, I DIG THIS JOB and can't wait to be a server! 
Also had a major breakthrough on my mainstream fic novel. Right now I call it Finding Thirty and I am having so much fun with it I’m worried it’s not real. You know? Seems like it should be harder to write, but it’s just flowing out of me like a blog post or something. Weird.
I have to run since I work again tonight and haven’t put my words in today yet, but I’ll try to catch up on all my friend’s posts tomorrow.
Hope you guys are all having a wonderful productive weekend too!
:::Hugs Everybody:::

Feb. 22nd, 2008

Passing Out the Positives

Last night after Orientation at Fox & Hound (which was WONDERFUL BTW and I start officially tonight at 7) I stopped at the grocery store on my way home. While in the bread isle, a handsome young man walked up to me holding his hat in one hand and his green basket in the other.
“Excuse me miss,” he said, “I don’t mean this in a stalkery way or anything, but you just look really nice tonight and I wanted you to know.”
Then, he nodded to me, put his hat back on and walked away leaving me stunned and all kinds of happy. By the time I managed to think of thanking him for his kind words, he was gone.
That man shared positive energy with a complete stranger, asking nothing in return and I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to be a part of that!
In a world where many people have no problem dishing out nastiness online and in person to complete strangers, it is very rare to find the opposite, but obviously, it’s not impossible!
I resolved to myself that this man’s kindness would not be in vain and now, I’m sharing it with all of you in hopes that it might inspire someone else to pass out a little extra positive energy today.  I figure if each of us can find a way to brighten one other person’s day expecting nothing in return, those people will do the same, you know?
Now, I realize that many people may not feel comfortable doing what this man did, but there are  tons of other ways we can share positive energy and I would love to hear your stories.
What have others done over the past few days to brighten your world?
What have you done to pass that positive energy along?
What do you plan to do today?

Feb. 19th, 2008

Fox & Hound, here I come!

So, last night I fell in love with this school only to find out this morning that they charge 9,000$ a year! Unfortunately, hubby and I still owe the government more than that in back taxes, but we both know this is the very best place for our baby girl to learn and grow. So, we are going to make it happen come hell, creditors or extra part-time jobs!
Since I haven’t sold a novel yet, there are no lucrative DJ gigs on the horizon and I am one job short, I set up an interview for myself tonight at a nice sports bar called Fox and Hound. I’ve wanted to try my hand as a waitress anyway and I figure now’s as good a time as any! I can work nights and weekends while hubby is home with Daphne and I should be able to make a lot more there than I was making at JCPenney.
Plus, I think this will be fun and I know it will give me more material for my fiction. So, I’m happy despite my silly friends who can’t believe I’d chose to do this over writing copy. Thing is, writing copy chokes my fiction so for me, that option is moot. I AM going to become a successful novelist and working a lower class job to make the $$$ I need in the meantime is small potatoes compared to giving up my dreams in order to make more $$$ doing something I hate.

What about you?
What are your dreams?
What are you doing now to make those dreams a reality?
How do you feel about the process?
“It is never too late to set another goal, or to dream a new dream.” --C.S. Lewis
“The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you.”—Tom Bradley

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