Big Changes


Tonight, I will be attending my first ever parent/teacher information meeting at a private school we are considering for Daphne in the fall. I am struggling with emotions today. Part of me is excited, part of me sad, part of me terrified and part of me doesn't know how to feel. I've never left Daphne with anyone but her Daddy for any length of time. Ever. So, this will be hard for me!

 Right now, she's here in the office, singing and playing for me.

Look at her. So grown up!

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How about you? 

What big changes are you facing this year?

How do you feel about them?

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Rhona's Quote Idea

I love inspirational quotes. Reading them always helps me focus and remember where I’m going and why. This morning, whilst reading some of my favorites, I was struck with an idea!
How much fun would it be to share quotes with each other from our own personal life experiences?
I think it would be a lot of fun so I propose the following:
I will share some  quotes I love from various dead people who have inspired me continuously. Then I will share some quotes from me in hopes that they will inspire someone else. Then, I would SO love to hear quotes from you! They can be about ANYTHING. I would just love to read little nuggets of wisdom from your life experiences no matter how small, funny or insignificant you may feel they are. I think yours will inspire me and others who read this post more than you could possibly imagine and OMG I think this will be so fun!
Inspirational Quotes not from Rhona:
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Inspirational quotes from Rhona:
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Have You Ever?

Ever try to strut a little bit in your 3’ heels like the girls on Americas Next Top Model on your way through the book store so people will think you are sophisticated? Ever trip over your own feet, flail wildly and clutch the nearest passerby for support only to look up into an elderly man’s twinkling eyes and realize he’s laughing at you?

Ever been driving on a four lane road that’s about to narrow down to two lanes, glance over at the driver on your right and press the gas pedal a little harder because you can’t stand the thought of being stuck behind him when you reach the narrow section? Ever pass him, smirk in your review mirror and then gasp because he is a COP?

Ever park your old twice battered car between two very new not battered cars and slink away quickly hoping passersby will assume one of the not battered cars is yours?

Yea, me neither. I totally don’t care what people think at all and I am PROUD of my unsophisticated walk and I am a PATIENT driver and I LOVE my old smashed up car!
::: Has shifty eyes ::::
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A Note of Encouragement for Other Baby Writers.

 I just received my third request for THE TURNED ONES from another of my dream agents. This one only asked for a partial, but still, I take that as a good sign and it occurred to me that I have some good news for all the other baby writers out there. Out of the three agents with my work right now (all three dream agents for me and my very top choices) two rejected my last book and the third would have if he’d had the time to read it. Still, all three requested the next book and all three have been very encouraging, supportive and even sound hopeful to me!
So, if you are struggling with the decision to keep going after rejections, know this. Rejection of one book is not the end and doesn’t mean you can never query that agent again with your next project! How cool is that?
Seems these amazing agents are searching for new talent as hard as we are trying to become new talent.  So, take that to heart and dig into your next project with the knowledge that your dream agents will give you another chance because they want us to succeed as much as we do because when we succeed, they succeed!
I think this is made of awesome!  

Also, I used the words because and succeed far too many times in one sentence and I don't even care! Ha!


"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, and comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat."

-Theodore Roosevelt

Preach it Theo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Things

You cannot always have happiness, but you can always give happiness.  ~Author Unknown
I wish I were happy all the time, but sometimes I’m not. I don’t think anyone is happy all the time. Whenever I feel not-so-happy, I like to share happiness with others because that always helps me feel better. I don’t know why that is exactly, but it works!
So, I will share some happy things and then I would so love to hear some of your happy things too!
1.       My baby girl has her first lose tooth and we are all so excited!
2.      I made some fun new friends this weekend one of whom is a professional female impersonator (he’s won national championships etc) and he’s going to give me cosmetic tips and so much material for my romantic comedy it’s not even funny. 
3.      It’s almost Valentine’s day and I LOVE Valentine’s day!
4.      I have the best LJLand friends EVER!

5. Neither agent with my full MS has rejected it.

6. I haven't cut myself shaving in like two weeks!
Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower.  ~Author Unknown

Project Chick Lit Stage 1. Hooters

Project Chick Lit Stage 1.
I have decided to become a waitress for a bit. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and haven’t tried yet. Also, since I am already a chick and a writer, I figure the only missing ingredient for this chick lit novel, is the setting. I have this weird feeling that weekend waitressing might just be that missing ingredient! If not, it’ll be a fun experience and I won’t have to compete for customers like I do at JCPenney. 

I’m thinking of applying at Hooters because it’s something I am curious about and I think a novel about a Hooters girl might not be half bad! Course I’ve never actually been inside a Hooters, so I’m going to do that first. I don’t even know if they’d hire me, but nothing ventured, nothing gained right? If I did manage to get a job there, I’d befriend the other Hooters girls and I bet I’d get all sorts of good material for chick lit. This is going to be so fun!
You ever worked as a waitress/waiter?
What did you think of that job?

ETA:  What if I could take the stereotypical Hooters girl image and turn it on its head? What if I could write a funny, light hearted novel about a Hooters girl that addressed the cliché “Beauty is Skin Deep” and other deeper issues close to my heart?

ETA again: I'm going to meet a girlfriend at Hooters in two hours. Operation Chick Lit Stage 1 is officially underway and I'm having fun already!
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What is Chick Lit?

  I thought I could wait till I heard back from the agents with my Y/A urban fantasy before digging in to my next project, but over the past seven days I have caught up on all my partner’s manuscript critiques (if I owe you one and I haven’t gotten back to you, please email me) baked from scratch and even cleaned my house! This afternoon I considered building a mall, or possibly a zoo, but some friends suggested I return to writing instead. Seems I cannot take breaks. Just doesn’t work. 

It’s no secret that I intend to write at least two books a year for different audiences and some sweet people here have told me they think I’d be good at chick lit. So, I’ve decided to give it a go while I wait.  Problem is, I’ve never read chick lit that I know of, so I need some help with my research.
What exactly is chick lit?
Anyone here read it?
Any titles you’d recommend?  

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Is this the face of a criminal?

What about this?

Follow the link to see what I found on the couch at 5:50am this morning. FYI one was supposed to be in bed and the other is not allowed on the couch!

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Thought we could all use a little cute this morning. I hope it made you smile and that we all have the best day ever!

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Why Valentines is Special To Me

"Love is friendship set on fire." - unknown
Ten years ago today, I fell in love with my best friend.  I’d met him the year before and I still remember my first two thoughts when I turned the corner to find a tall bald boy standing in front of the chapel door and bouncing an orange off of it over and over and over again. I thought, “wow. He is tall!” And then I thought, “it’s a shame he looks like a buzzard because he has one of the finest butts I’ve ever seen.”  
I walked past buzzard boy into the chapel without another thought about him. Until he came and sat directly in front of me, turned around and introduced himself to my friend. They struck up a passionate conversation and I wished to be anywhere else, but I was stuck . Just before chapel started, buzzard boy told my friend that he and some others who played guitar were going to have a jam session after and we were both invited. I smiled then, because I was fed up with buzzard boy’s indifference toward me and I had no intention of attending his jam session as a drooling groupie. Instead, I was going to bring my guitar and make him wish he’d never invited us!
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